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Identity forms a major part of what and who we are at any given time. Therefore, most people try to search for an identity or create one for themselves. So, once you have an Identity, ID Zone is here is to help you portray it proudly. We are a company located right here in Australia that provide screen printing services for all your clothing.

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In providing our services, we take extra care of the perfect prints. This means that we take care of the color fading, tilted designs and quality. So, not only do you get the facility to show off your identity, but also get the best designs every time that will not fade away after a single wash.

logo printing

We provide our services for logo printing. Of course, since logo is a special kind of identity, we ensure that the prints we offer are long lasting and are representative of your brand. Our portfolio of past services will surely be impressive for you and our clients in corporations will always speak highly of us.

illustration and icon printing

In addition to logos, we offer illustration and icon printing. This could be anything from your child’s favorite cartoon, your favorite marvel/dc character to a shirts for a themed birthday party. We also aid you in designing the best sort of images and illustration when undertaking this service and guide you about the best material to get prints on.
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5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Uniform

The 21st century brought a drastic change in corporate culture. Where the technology and machinery replaced manpower, where the computers and gadgets overshadowed the human mind. Where professionalism ruled. There the business owners also focused on having a corporate uniform to strengthen their brand identity, to meet the industry demands and to induce a sense of equality and unity. If you are unsure about implementing corporate uniforms adelaide in your organization, have a look at these 5 essential reasons for featuring an attire in your company for a better corporate environment.

Corporate Identity

Having a uniform in corporate culture enhances the sense of belonging, equality, interest, and purpose in employees adding together into the achievement of a business. The sense of unity improves productivity, workplace morale, and job satisfaction and creates a cooperative work environment that leads to high end-results thus aiming to achieve the goals of the Company altogether.

Marketing your brand

A uniform advertises your brand everywhere without spending a penny. Marketing and branding are the heart and soul of any business and owners spend thousands of dollars yearly to make a name in the market. With a uniform, an employee represents your brand in and out of the office premises thus the outreaching maximum number of people and promoting your brand. Although it’s a win-win situation for both employer and the employee, where the employer gets all the free branding, the employee saves themselves from the hassles of looking good, financials, time and energy.

Customer Services Representation

Earning a happy customer requires a lot of effort. Your product demand, it’s market value, reliability, etc. Another huge aspect which many owners deem surplus is Customer services. Providing suitable customer services is the core of any business. For instance, in a retail business, if a walk-in customer is unable to find a person who can intimate him of the price or place of his desired item, he may leave the premises without purchasing anything. A uniform worn employee would make it easy for a customer to make a purchase.

Safety Compliance

Every employer is responsible for the safety of its employees, having a customized official attire helps in protecting the employees physically when they are exposed to dangerous materials. Workers working in cement, bricks, and steel industries are prone to physical challenges. The customized overalls, resistant jackets, special footwear, and face masks save them from the dangerous substance. Those who are working on roads have dark-colored uniforms that make them visible on roads for drivers keeping them safe while on work.

Potentiates Employees Well-being

Employees are the assets of a Company. Introducing a uniform gives them authority and helps in building high-spirited and long-lasting teams booming with the sense of equality, again, integral for the success of any business. By investing in them, their job satisfaction increases and they ultimately put more effort into their work for the mutual growth of the company and themselves.

Fundamental notions for preparing a screen printing frame

Hi, I’m starting to do screen printing on t-shirts and I need some explanation. How is a frame emulsified and how is it imprinted with the image glossy? I am able to print but not to prepare the frame .. Thanks a lot

Filippo, Monza

It is not easy to explain in a few lines how a screen printing frame is prepared , as it is a real “trade” that requires a lot of theoretical notions and lots of practice, especially to solve the problems and inconveniences that can be occur.

The advice is to go and read as you do on the very clear Practical Screen Printing Manual .
However, in a nutshell, these are the necessary operations :

  • with the glider pan spreads emulsion on the two sides of the frame
  • the frame is dried in a horizontal position, in complete darkness: the atmosphere can also be heated, but with a temperature never higher than 35 ° C.
  • lay the drawing, printed in positive on black and white film, ink against emulsion, side of the frame (the printing side is the external side, the one that comes into contact with the shirt, the opposite of the inner side where it is put the ink).

with a suitable presser (glass plate) the adherence between the film and the frame emulsion is improved. The sandwich thus formed is exposed to UV light for the necessary time (about 6 minutes with UV neon at a distance of 15 cm) The film is separated from the frame
the frame is washed in running water until the image appears in negative of the design the frame is dried and then used for printing.


Silk-screen printing is a known printing technique that uses a fabric as a matrix to transfer the ink onto a wide variety of media, such as paper, wood, fabric, glass, but much more.

The technique, known since ancient times in the Far East for decorating fabrics, became extremely popular in the arts in the 1960s. Andy Warhol, in particular, contributed decisively to his popularity: many of his works were in fact made with this technique, which allowed him to print a high number of copies of the same subject, but at the same time to obtain a print each time unique, varying pressure and inks.

The diffusion of screen printing in underground environments and in different subcultures to create posters and covers, is also due to another important factor, namely the ease with which it is possible to create a rudimentary screen-printing laboratory, together with the availability of materials.

Unlike techniques such as lithography, xylography and etching, which require more complex equipment and more expensive materials and which sometimes require caution in using them, a small screen-printing workshop can be built at home with little expense and no particular skills.

As far as the working environment is concerned, you need a table large enough to position the frame, a room that at the right moment can act as a darkroom (preventing light from penetrating), and a tub in which to wash the frame. Screen printing can be done in a more or less sophisticated way, but the absolutely essential tools are:

frame, or an aluminum or wooden frame, on which a polyester cloth is stretched;

doctor blade, tool with metal or wood handle and a rubber “blade” for

special tray to distribute the emulsion;

photosensitive emulsion;

solvent for photosensitive emulsion;

ink , even the classic acrylic colors are suitable for screen printing;
ink thinner , liquid to be mixed with the color so that it does not dry

immediately and is suitable for use on the frame;

special lamp for screen printing or garden spotlight;


Scotch tape.

Some tools may not be familiar to those who have never experienced screen printing, however in the steps listed below will be provided more detailed information.


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Furthermore, perhaps our most exciting offering are the Animated graphics with motion.

These designs tend to change shape or act when moved. This is done through the same high quality process but involves specialized control.

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