Hi, I’m starting to do screen printing on t-shirts and I need some explanation. How is a frame emulsified and how is it imprinted with the image glossy? I am able to print but not to prepare the frame .. Thanks a lot

Filippo, Monza

It is not easy to explain in a few lines how a screen printing frame is prepared , as it is a real “trade” that requires a lot of theoretical notions and lots of practice, especially to solve the problems and inconveniences that can be occur.

The advice is to go and read as you do on the very clear Practical Screen Printing Manual .
However, in a nutshell, these are the necessary operations :

  • with the glider pan spreads emulsion on the two sides of the frame
  • the frame is dried in a horizontal position, in complete darkness: the atmosphere can also be heated, but with a temperature never higher than 35 ° C.
  • lay the drawing, printed in positive on black and white film, ink against emulsion, side of the frame (the printing side is the external side, the one that comes into contact with the shirt, the opposite of the inner side where it is put the ink).

with a suitable presser (glass plate) the adherence between the film and the frame emulsion is improved. The sandwich thus formed is exposed to UV light for the necessary time (about 6 minutes with UV neon at a distance of 15 cm) The film is separated from the frame
the frame is washed in running water until the image appears in negative of the design the frame is dried and then used for printing.